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 "Of the Wonders and Miracles of Ireland"

"I am aware that I will tell to you here facts which, being contrary to the course of nature, call forth our wonder and amazement. I shall have to write some accounts which will seem to the reader to be either utterly impossible or quite ridiculous. But, with the help of god, I will insert nothing in my book to which I do not give full credence".  (Giraldus Cambrensis) 

9 Fantastic, bizarre and compelliing stories from Topographia Hibernica (Giraldus Cambrensis 1188) retold in Latin and Norman French.  Filmed on location in Ireland. 

Topograpia Hibernica
Episode 1 : of the Wonders & Miracles of Ireland

Stories by Liza Bolton

Genre: Myth, Fantasy, Historical Satire.

Gerald of Wales is the first Norman traveller in Ireland. He recounts the miracles, wonders and evils of an island yet to be discovered and ultimately conquered through fantastic, bizarre sometimes outrageous stories. 

Summary : Giraldus, the Welsh nobleman and Cleric, arrives in Ireland on the first day of lent, accompanied by his young novice, Bartholanus.  Welcome to Ireland!

Cast : Philip Coffey, Jay Cosgrave, David Nolan, Youssef Quinn, Brendan Reid

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