Topgraphia Hibernica - Episodes 1, 2 & 3

Short Film Series written and directed by Liza Bolton 

Gerald of Wales is the first Norman traveller in Ireland. He recounts the miracles, wonders and evils of an island yet to be discovered and ultimately conquered through fantastic, bizarre sometimes outrageous stories. 

The Wandering

Feature directed by Liza Bolton 

Bound by familial duty, Cathal and his brothers Cet and Cormac, accompany their exiled father into the bleak and strange wilderness in search of redemption and a new beginning in a world where all hope is lost and man never learns.

The Postcard

"I don't think it is possible to be 'too Irish' - Lucky O'Toole

The Postcard is a short comedy documentary film and winner of the 48Hour Film Challenge Galway 2017

I've been Dreaming

Music Video directed by Liza Bolton.


Short directed by Liza Bolton. 

Time Traders

Short directed by Liza Bolton

Perfect Life, Perfect Wife

Short directed by Liza Bolton

The Crib

Short directed by Afro Parise

The Holloway Report

Short directed by Afro Parise