In Development

Max Stone & The Lost Star of Zirdon

Written by Declan Clarke & Liam Clarke. Genre: Animation, Action-Adventure.
Max Stone and the Lost Star of Zirdon. Fast-paced action featuring KRÄÄXOR, darker than Dracula and a villain the world will never forget...

Topograpia Hibernica

Of the time of the Giants and of Heberus and Herimon

Written by Liza Bolton
Feature project in 9 parts
Genre: Myth, Fantasy, Historical Satire.
Part 3

A devout cleric, Giraldus, and his young novice, Bartholanus, arrive on a pre-medieval uncharted island in a bid to assess the topography of the land and its people. In Part 3 Giraldus recounts the story of how, after the time of the giants, two brothers Heberus and Herimon, encourage by their ambitious wives, they vie to be the sole king and to name the Island. Their lives, lineage and country at stake as the two brothers duel to the end. 

Dead Name

Written by Afro Parise.
Genre: Drama.
A stolen bag, lost and found, triggers a series of events jeopardizing the already delicate balanced existence of a couple. They will struggle with estranged presences from their past and obstinate witnesses of their secret lives. Somebody’s quest for love is someone else’s persecution. A film about gender, identity and wounds, all the invisible permanent ones. And also skin-deep bruises...