In Development

Max Stone & The Lost Star of Zirdon

Written by Declan Clarke & Liam Clarke. Genre: Animation, Action-Adventure.
Max Stone and the Lost Star of Zirdon. Fast-paced action featuring KRÄÄXOR, darker than Dracula and a villain the world will never forget...

Topograpia Hibernica

Of St. Nannan and the Fleas
Episode 4

Written by Liza Bolton
Feature project in 9 parts
Genre: Myth, Fantasy, Historical Satire.
Part 4

A devout cleric, Giraldus, and his young novice, Bartholanus, arrive on a pre-medieval uncharted island in a bid to assess the topography of the land and its people. In Episode 4 the monks are becoming more wary of who they meet in this strange island.  In a bid to shelter from days of rain they meet a 'rock star' monk who rids an entire village of fleas.  Giraldus believes he has met the first real Irish Saint!

Dead Name

Written by Afro Parise.
Genre: Drama.
A stolen bag, lost and found, triggers a series of events jeopardizing the already delicate balanced existence of a couple. They will struggle with estranged presences from their past and obstinate witnesses of their secret lives. Somebody’s quest for love is someone else’s persecution. A film about gender, identity and wounds, all the invisible permanent ones. And also skin-deep bruises...