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THE WANDERING will be represented by Adler & Associates Entertainment at the AFM Nov 2017!

TOPOGRAPHIA HIBERNICA - Episode 3 "Of Heberus and Herimon in the Time After the Giants" will shoot  March 2018

Thank you to Indie Cork for screening Tophographia Hibernica Episode 1 "Of the Wonders and Miracles of Ireland" we had a fantastic time at Indie Cork. 

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The Wandering
Future Fiction Feature Film

Brooding, ominous and mythical. Familial tensions run high and the  Irish landscape features in its epic scale and use here in this future world fiction adventure. Lost in an unknown dangerous land Fergus and his two sons Cathal and Cet need to find sanctuary and their place in the world. 

Director : Liza Bolton
Producer :  Chris Bolton, Afro Parise
Date of Production : 2016
Genre: Myth, Fantasy, Sci-fi
Running Time : 80 mins
Language: English

Topographia Hibernica - Of the Wonders and Miracles of Ireland

Contradicting our established patterns of how a film is supposed to be narrated this film breaks new ground. "Topographia Hibernica" a  series of 9 short films with stories inspired by the 12th Century writing of Giraldus Cambrensis's visit to Ireland.  Director Liza Bolton does not hold back on styling including filming in Latin and Norman French in this courages new film. 

Director : Liza Bolton
Producer :  Chris Bolton, Afro Parise
Date of Production : 2016 - 2017
Genre: Myth, Fantasy, History
Running Time : 10 mins per episode
Language: Latin, primitive Gaelic, Norman French


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